Bump tokio from 1.20.1 to 1.21.2

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Bumps tokio from 1.20.1 to 1.21.2.

Release notes

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Tokio v1.21.2

1.21.2 (September 27, 2022)

This release removes the dependency on the once_cell crate to restore the MSRV of 1.21.x, which is the latest minor version at the time of release. (#5048)

#5048: tokio-rs/tokio#5048

Tokio v1.21.1

1.21.1 (September 13, 2022)


  • net: fix dependency resolution for socket2 (#5000)
  • task: ignore failure to set TLS in LocalSet Drop (#4976)

#4976: tokio-rs/tokio#4976 #5000: tokio-rs/tokio#5000

Tokio v1.21.0

1.21.0 (September 2, 2022)

This release is the first release of Tokio to intentionally support WASM. The sync,macros,io-util,rt,time features are stabilized on WASM. Additionally the wasm32-wasi target is given unstable support for the net feature.


  • net: add device and bind_device methods to TCP/UDP sockets (#4882)
  • net: add tos and set_tos methods to TCP and UDP sockets (#4877)
  • net: add security flags to named pipe ServerOptions (#4845)
  • signal: add more windows signal handlers (#4924)
  • sync: add mpsc::Sender::max_capacity method (#4904)
  • sync: implement Weak version of mpsc::Sender (#4595)
  • task: add LocalSet::enter (#4765)
  • task: stabilize JoinSet and AbortHandle (#4920)
  • tokio: add track_caller to public APIs (#4805, #4848, #4852)
  • wasm: initial support for wasm32-wasi target (#4716)


  • miri: improve miri compatibility by avoiding temporary references in linked_list::Link impls (#4841)
  • signal: don't register write interest on signal pipe (#4898)
  • sync: add #[must_use] to lock guards (#4886)
  • sync: fix hang when calling recv on closed and reopened broadcast channel (#4867)
  • task: propagate attributes on task-locals (#4837)


  • fs: change panic to error in File::start_seek (#4897)
  • io: reduce syscalls in poll_read (#4840)
  • process: use blocking threadpool for child stdio I/O (#4824)
  • signal: make SignalKind methods const (#4956)

... (truncated)


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